Monday, February 25, 2008

'X' marks the people

Here ye here ye! General Elections is looming! So who are you gonna vote for? where are going to vote? Are u voting based on the party or the candidate?

It is really disturbing to see all the game play and tactical assaults or more or less strategy play comes in when election is near. Just look at how certain places are beautified whereas the past 4 years pleas after pleas and complains after complains fell to deaf ear and suddenly now everything is done up. WTF? Have you noticed that in the past few months contractors are suddenly so damn hardworking where alot of roads have been miraculously mended and tarred? Playgrounds suddenly being painted and looks new? hmmm... Just like the old saying "If alot of roads are tarred... election is coming"

So I guess its true. I didnt really noticed this last time around as I was too busy playing my PS or my PC. Just that recently after coming out to work and started to take notice all this, it suddenly hit me that all this are just strategy to make us vote for the "right" person. So who is the right person? The one that says "ok, I will do it" but never does anything until few months near election or the one that says "what? let me make a phone call" and few weeks later the problem is solved?

What I am trying to say here is, NEVER let anyone influence you in making a decision. Remember, end of the day it is YOU that marks the 'X' on the ballot. YOU should choose the candidate that really helps you. Be it Chinese, Malay, Indian, Bai, Kadazan or what ever race, as long as he/she does their job. Remember this people you vote are the people that is going to represent you when you are in need. Dont just vote just because you hate the other guy. If you think that both the candidate doesn't suit you... just mark a HUGE 'X' across the whole form. That means you are not satisfied with both the candidate nominated!


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