Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Racial unity in our country? Who are we kidding? We are united in arms but not united in heart. As long as there is a special privileges then there is no balance. When there is no balance there is no unity.

Well recently i stumble upon an article that stated that we need to implement a 'special' subject to teach about racial unity in schools. Bullshit... so when did the pendidikan moral went down the drain? well since its already damn bloody hard to pass the freaking paper. Now they want the kids to study about racial unity? what are we going to teach them? We must respect other race. We must learn to love other race... We know what to do... but that doesnt mean we will do it. Tell me how many things we learn in school is implemented in real life now?

For me the way to totally imply racial unity amongst Malaysians wont need to be in the books. It have to be cultivated in the mind. The house... especially the parents and the teachers and the leaders. Simply dont acknowledge races in the country. Do not even bring up an issue about race. Malay, chinese, indian... why cant we just be labelled as Malaysians? We do have different names so what?!

If we want to segregate races might as well we go along with the dialect and origin factor. Why? Because in one race itself is already divided into so many segments, the indons, the Kelantanese, the sheikhs, the Kadazans, the Ibans, the Hokkien, the Hakka, the Teochews, the Bhramins, the ceylonese, the Singhalese, the Malayalams, the sikhs, the sakais, the babas, the portugese, the chindians etc etc etc... just look at this... there is so many segregration but how come they still stay together? because we are one... No matter how dark or how light our skin are, or how strange or how weird our customs and religions are, end of the day all of us still bleed the same colour, we still have to earn a living, nothing special about that.

So why do we need races again?

abolish race and start as one race, the Malaysians!!