Sunday, September 21, 2008

Radio24 speaking for who now?

Recently there was a radio station that was questioned by the government due to one topic that was stated 'sensitive' ... the article written at Malaysia Today website reporting that "Report on govt radio station, Radio24 before action to be taken" Is just ridiculous.

The topic was stating "Which is more important, the transition of power from Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak or a reduction in the fuel price?"

Well for my opinion, its not disseminating negative matters but more of what really the PEOPLE think. Its not all bad you know. There were callers that sided the government and some sided the fuel reduction. Its a neutral topic from where I see. Its just questioning what the people wants. If you cant accept the fact then you dont belong on that sit. This is constructive criticism. Its a good thing... we can learn from it. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE FOR ONCE!

It is stated that the radio station is under a news agency that is Government based but that does not mean the station is bound to question things that is true? Its a MALAYSIAN radio station and not the GOVERNMENT radio station.

It also stated that this will cause young people to not respect the government... well there was a saying "Respect is earned and not forced, to get respect is to respect others first!"

Information Minister stated "If you do not agree with government policies, don't be a government employee. Resign,"... Mind you, the radio station is privatized. The station is a subsidary of the news agency and not directly under them. The employees does not get any government benefits... So erm... which part does it stated that they are a government employee? INFORMATION minister? where you get your info from la?!

We love our country and hoping that all will be well and not with the chaotic situation right now. It is just wrong to point the finger around when you yourself done some wrong too. Admit it... no point hiding stuffs when it is already known.

Think of the people! THINK OF THE PEOPLE!!! THINK ABOUT MALAYSIANS!!!! and not think about yourselves!

Monday, September 15, 2008


New Government, Old Government... As long as it is a good Government! Its no harm to replace the old with the new but if the old is better then the new then why change?

Not in this case, with the recent arrest of Seputeh MP, Teresa Kok, prominent blogger Raja Petra and newspaper reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, where they were all placed under ISA for National Security threat... WHAT??!! All Teresa said was just to tune down slightly the mosque prayer... what threat is that? All Tan Hoon Cheng did was report the thruth, isn't that what reporters are suppose to do? National Threat? Then what about former Bkt Bendera Chief Ahmad Ismail? Didnt his 'nice, slow and unthreatening' remark spark a massive National Threat? and where is he? He was able to make another 'smart' remark and not even being brought in under ISA. Instead he is just stripped of his power and allowed to walk and lay low... FANTASTICO!!

I do not want to see so many problems in our beloved Malaysia but why oh why are our leaders not doing anything? is it because of stubborness? massive ego the size of Jupiter? or just plain sore losers? In a competition there is alway winning and losing and IF you wanna win, win with pride and honour. IF wanna lose, lose with GRACE! accept the facts and access the problem and mistakes that caused your loss. Not trying to disrupt the winners and whine like a wuss. That is just plain punch below the belt. Giving 'smart' remarks, diverting attention or blaming foul play and hope to win the heart of the people will not work anymore.

We are in the age of information already la brothers ad sisters... we the people are smarter now, MSC status already. We know how to read la wei! Dont threat us like some dungus ok. We already know what is right and what is wrong now.

What we need to do now is to learn how to improve ourselves as a whole and move forward as a unified nation. One voice, one race, one nation. Lets make the 'Malaysia Gemilang', the 'Keranamu Malaysia" and the 'Malaysia Boleh' back to its glorious state!