Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 Malaysia

1Malaysia! 1Malaysia! 1Malaysia! ... the first question... What does 1Malaysia means? 1Malaysia means that everyone are united as ONE and move forward as ONE towards ONE goal. 1Malaysia means we are all ONE not only as a race but as a human being. 1Malaysia is where we Malaysia stand together putting aside all differences and move forward towards being one of the most top nation..... but are we there? is it working??

Lets just do a SWOT analysis of our beloved nation. What is SWOT analysis? SWOT analysis means analyze the S.trength, W.eakness, O.pportunity and T.hreat of a certain thing. So lets get back to the analysis.

Strength - our country are blessed with so many natural resources and we are blessed that we dont have really really bad natural disaster such as hurricane, earthquake or volcano. The peninsula itself is very much safe in its nest which comprises of Sumatera of Indonesia, and of course the Phillipines islands. This two nation blocks the wind from wrecking us. Malaysia lies just nice in the middle of the plate where we are safe from earthquake and volcano. One more thing is that Malaysia is also rich in culture, we are so diversified that we can really claim that we are all of asia into one. Singapore can claim that too but have you tasted their food??!!! Malaysian is so blessed with good food. Honestly you can never find another country so diversed in food that really really sparks our taste buds. We Malaysians are also blessed with communication skills. We are well marinated with cultures that if we are a meat it will taste damn bloody good.

Weakness - It is with this diversity the people start to diffenciate themselves. Condemming each other and fighting amongst brothers. The leaders of the nation and the houses (parents, grandparents) potrays this in their comments. On the front they present the unity case but off the record they are one of the most racist people. And sometimes their comments just not only cause disharmony but cause cracks between races or groups. One more weakness is that we are all to obsessed with power that everyone is killing each other just to get on top or just to... 'cover' their crimes...

Opportunity - Our country have many oppportunities coming our way. Alot of leaders from other nation sometimes envy our diversity and how we can live together. It is that diverse crowd that makes the nations citizen so well sought off. We are blessed with the power of adapting and knowledge. We can actually be a country that is so rich in knowledge and so rich in culture. Other countries can just sit and watch us in envy.

Threat - All of our good leaders as the ones I said in the Opportunity segment is being dig by other countries or moved to other country. Giving all our best talents, skills and knowledge to other nations. This could be because of the problems that we are facing within the country. Leaders are too greedy, systems that is not well planned, cronyism, power crazy and corruption that cause all this people to seek better and more fair opportunity else where. Places where race or cronyism is not practiced. Places where skills are acknowledged and not the skin tone.

So what is 1Malaysia again? its just a dream. Every Malaysian dreams of being one BUT not applying it to their daily life. I also realised those 'uncles' , 'ah peks' and 'pakciks' sitting at the coffee shops or mamak stalls. Have you listened to their conversation ar?! some condemn the country so bad. They condemn about the education system la, the government la, the shopping centers la and almost everything the sun shines on. Sometimes I just want to say... if you hate the country so much... LEAVE! or... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! not complaining to another USELESS uncle that also WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If we all want to practice the 1Malaysia campaign we should first abolish one thing.... RACE! What my cousin told me that day really hit the mark perfectly... "Chinese is people from China, Indians is people from India... you dont see Taiwan people call themselves Chinese! they call themselves Taiwanese.... So we all in Malaysia should be called Malaysians!". What he said is true! we are born and bred here, we live here, we eat the food here and we pledge to the national flag and crest. Are we all not Malaysians? we speak the same language. If you look closely our culture are actually intermingled! there is no more pure chinese style, pure malay style or pure indian style! The things Chinese do here and other place is different. The things Malay do some are taken from Chinese and Indians and some even from the British and Portugese. Indians also! Somehow our culture have rub off each other. Try asking the Malays here to go live in Indonesia... they wont be comfortable, try asking a chinese fella to go live in China... they cannot really live there too... try asking a Indian fella to go to Sri Lanka or India... they cant.... for long! There is no place like home! and in Malaysia is MY home!

I bleed Malaysia, I have Malaysia etched in my heart, I have Malaysia saved all over my brain!



If you want change, First you have to change yourself!

It is not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Work work work...

I am pretty sure that everyone will face this sometime in their career or whole of their career. The feeling that you are not being looked after by the management or organisation. I have to say that due to circumstances they have hundred and one excuses and perhaps the almost perfect tai chi skills.

Well this is what I am facing now. I love my job and the people in it.... but not the management. Its just too complicated and too much politicking. There are too many factions in the company that sometimes you dont know who is friend or who is the foe. I talked to the HR dept and they say that this is normal. NORMAL?!!! I would really say what the fuck?! There should not even be any politicking or mismanagement! they can even add one more line... "I've seen worse politics" ... my reply.... WOW! this world is full of crap! How in the hell did they get up there in the first place?! The style of the company I'm in is exactly like our own country. No body likes the management but they are still there! Due to... POLITICS! boot shining, ass licking and best of all cock sucking! Spits or swallow anyone? want me to cradle your balls?

Sometimes I wonder for some people the higher they get the smaller their balls get. Really, they are so scared of the position they start to get paranoid about almost everything! In front they may seem like a wise and tough prick but behind they are panicking and sometimes their action started to show when ever there is a threat within. Using things so unruly and so horrendous that you actually think about their credibility. The paranoia and the fear of being replaced. If you are good enough then you dont have worry about anything. If you dont have shit on you then you dont have to be paranoid.

So I've come out with the best way on how to manage your own company when the time comes. I am not saying my way is the perfect 100% way but its what i think will at least help the people.

1. Keep your promises! Do not give any promises when you cant uphold them! Everyone will respect a man/woman of his/her words. Even when things doesnt really goes well. At least provide some reason or explanation rather then lame excuses or blame it to some other people. That is just a cowards move.

2. Listen to the plight of the workers. AT LEAST listen and consider. Some management dont even bother to listen to the grievances of their workers, thinking that their decision or judgement on certain topic is god given. Always remember you are not god. Listen to the people and the company will prosper. WHY? coz your workers are the front line, they are your blood in the body, the pumping heart, the organs that makes the whole body (company) works as one. They are the one fighting for you on the battlefield. Listen and response is the most important. Some workers might actually have a problem that caused the drop in performance and with your 'wisdom and experience' help the worker to solve the problem instead of threatening them on their performance, threatening will only make the worker more demotivated and thus a further drop in performance. A great company solves problems instead of using another problem to cover one problem.

3. Share your vision and dreams. Always let your workers know what is your vision and dream. Of course it have to be a credible and attainable dream instead of just a dream u had... Letting your people know what exactly you want will at least gel everyone's mind into one target. While sharing also make sure there is a solution and system on how to do it. Open the floor and ask everyone what do they think. Brainstorm and see what is the outcome. Coz why? the workers have their rights to voice out. Not all great minds come from someone of power. Take Lord of the Rings for example, there are so many powerful creatures, Men, Orcs, Elves, undead and the dwarfs. But the fate of middle earth lies in the hand of the most insignificant creature... the Hobbits! so everyone have their rights to speak their mind. A good organisation works, a greater organisation listens and works!

4. Find a solution. If you cant think of one, then its no shame to ask around. Every problem should not be ignored. As what i mentioned in no.2 a company solves problems instead of using one more problem to cover. This is the sign of a weak leadership or management. If you are all that great, then the problem wouldnt even exist in the first place. Its no shame in asking. That is what a team or organisation does... help each other. We are like a cohesive unit. A working system... helping one another to create perfection. Solving a problem will at least make sure when a new problems arises you dont have to worry about the old ones.

5. There is no I in TEAM. If you want to emphasise on 'team' or on 'family' then do not misuse your power and authority. I always belive that position is just a name. No matter who you are we are all equals but with different responsibilities. Humans are not perfect. We are made like that. But to achieve near perfection we need each others strength combined. So even if you are the boss or the worker we are in reliance to each other. Yes we can do each others work sometimes but the reason we have people in diff post and department is because we have designated duties and responsibilities. So if you are the manager, organise and lead your people. If you are the CEO, organise and lead your people, if you are the tea lady then make sure when people needs a drink... make them one. Work as a unit and a company can prosper! Do what you have to do, if cant ask for advice and help.

6. Be transparent! That is the most important issue in the age of information. Why? the workers knows what is going on sometimes. But hiding issues from them will create a sense of uneasiness or perhaps a sense of something bad is going to happen.

That is all I can think of at the moment. On the point-view from a lowly worker of a company this is what I can read and see.....for a organisation to be successful.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goodbye my dear dear brother! R.I.P. ODIE!

You have come into my our life and injected so much love and laughter. The journey we walk together and the hardship we walk together will sorely be missed. I miss your dreamy eyes looking at us, I miss your soft caresses, I miss your silky beautiful fur, I miss it when you greet me with your cheerful look which washes away all my stress, I miss your scratching at our carpet and at our drive way, I miss the way you look at us with your drippy mouth after drinking water, I miss your morning call when you come into our room and lick us, I miss when you run out and wait for us at the door when you want for food, I miss when you play 'hand' just so that we can give you food, I miss when you run around my feet when i stomp them, I miss when you bark at us when we sit too long in the car just so that we come out, I miss when you steal our socks in our shoes and underwear! I miss you when you stand up on our dining table just to see is there any food you can steal! I miss you when you stand in front of my bathroom door coz u want water, I miss when you rush to the back door when we say cat even when there isnt any, I miss when we say 'who is that?' and u run to our door and see, I miss when you wag ur tail when we call your name, I miss it when you come near my hand so that I can scratch and rub your head behind your ear with that satisfied look on your face, I miss when you jump and take the 'plumber card' from the gate and rip it all apart, I miss when you bark at the postmen, I miss when you sit in front of us begging for soup with your puppy dog look, I miss when you run around the house checking all areas when we come back from a long vacation, I miss when you gave us your utmost loyal company when we want some, I miss it when you snarl and growl when you have something you like! I miss when you run and smell everyone's butt, I miss when you try to put ur head under anyone that is wearing skirt, I miss when you sit or lie beside us, I miss your fresh smell when you just bathe, most of all we miss your presence! We miss you our dear dear Odie! We love you! Rest In Peace and hope you are as happy as u are where ever you are now!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Titter Tatter

New PM!! New PM!!! that is what we are all thinking. But will it be a New Malaysia? Do you still remember not so long ago (approx 6 months ago) that we are hearing that there will be a new PM this year... a peaceful passing on of power... glory to a certain party... When I was watching last Friday the passing of power from Tun Hj Ahmad Badawi to Datuk Seri Najib Razak. hmmmm... as I was saying the peaceful passing of power and glory to the ... opposition?! yea... I really wonder in 6 months nothing has changed.

Is AI losing his credibility? he was so confident that he will take over. He created a buzz and an unease at the heart of Malaysians. But yet we wanted to have a change. In the past 6 months we manage to witness the lunacy of the Perak government, the Karpal Singh issue at the parliament and the comedic UMNO meeting. But what change did we see? a new PM, worrying thoughts for Perak-ians and a comedic show in the eyes of foreigners.

For one state that I really felt the change is the state i am in now... Selangor. Petaling Jaya. Well for now I can see potholes patched up immediately after the pop out, water bills slashed to zero and proper decorations around the area. I have to congratulate the Petaling Jaya reps... job well done... so far...

I would also like to congratulate our New Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak! hope you can do better then your predecessor!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Almost one year!

Its almost a year since we made a 'change' and yeah we do have a change in our country! The most significant change is... more drama on the front pages of the main news papers regarding who is crossing over, politicians rant and rambling, and of course the price of petrol!

Well I can say that there are so many things far more important than joining the darkside or the lightside or whoever! I always believe the definition of being a politician is skewed so badly that politicians do not know the true meaning anymore. Is it for the people's interest? or is it for your party's interest? or is it for your clique's interest? or is it for your OWN interest?

The recent breakdown of the Perak's government is showing that not everyone is really that good. There are so many issues that happened in the past one year which sounds sometimes confusing. For example, the passing over of power or the taking over or the blunders or the racial remarks. All this create more unrest amongst the 'rakyat'.

Like I said in the past articles that what we the 'rakyat' wants is peace and harmony, better career opportunities, good food, and prosperous life!

We as Malaysians should count our blessings instead! why? because for one is we do not have massive natural disaster like other countries. No earthquakes, no volcanoes, no hurricane and no bad drought! Our weather is almost perfect! (cooler would be better!). We are a food heaven! and we love our country!

So why are we still having this kind of contest of who have more power? There is no a battle between good or evil here! So why cant we have a nice quiet and peaceful life?! Why cant we all live in harmony? why do we still recognize race? Why do we still fight amongst ourselves when we are all just brothers and sisters?

One year and yet we never change... honestly...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Alot of older people are asking "how come the new generation workers keep on changing job? Why cant they be loyal to their employers like us? " Well I think I have found out why? Well during the 70s and the 80s our country are growing rapidly. There are many small or medium companies owned solely by one or two person. This bosses are brought up by the old school asian businessman style where they take care of the welfare of their workers. They may be fierce but they know how to treat their workers right. Put it in simple terms, they show appreciation and loyalty to their workers. But not now, all this company have grew up to be big corporations and the western way of employment where you are the worker and we pay you only style comes in. Too many people tend to take power and the hierachy becomes complicated. With this the workers dont know whether to be loyal to who. Their immediate manager? or their boss that never even know them at all?

This is the reason why... the younger generation also been influenced by the western way of thinking where performance and numbers are the main topic. Without even seeing the real scenario anymore. The bosses never come down and get on the field with their workers anymore. The feel of family is not there anymore just the feel of boss and worker, master and slave. No wonder there isnt any loyalty anymore!

I as a young worker, speaks on behalf!!! "all we want is some appreciation and some acknowledgement in our work! " if we do wrong... teach us and not strangle us and threaten to fire us! that is not family... and that is not loyalty!!!

Hoping for the hopeless

There was a jobfair/careerfair/a fair that fresh grads put their hopes and dreams on last weekend. My company opened a booth there for 1. publicity and 2. hoping to recruit some 'potentials'. Do you still remember that recent years there is always this issue where the unemployment rate is so damn high among fresh grads in Malaysia? Well, after this 'fair' i have come to realise why...

So let me begin my barage of views and suggestions for the young hopefuls out there. This is what i noticed during the whole 3 days of the fair.

1. YOU KNOW that you are coming for a jobfair and YOU KNOW that there will be interviews or viewing from your future potential employers, yet you wear... CASUAL! Worse off is that for guys your HAIR is unkept and you are not clean shaven. For girls, you come as if you just 'happen' to drop by from your shopping spree. Hair all one kind, make up like you are going for some punk rock concert. That is already a BIG NO-NO when it comes to first impression. It shows that you are not ready, a sloppy person and a person that is not serious for the task. If we were to hire you the image of the company will be spoiled. We will have to keep reminding you that your clothes need to be ironed or washed. We have to inform you to cut your hair etc etc.


a) There were a handful... wait i take that back. I would say half of the candidates that approaches our booth thinks that this is some sort of funfair or some food fair booth where u can come and laugh and play. There were so many of them that came to our booth thinking of dropping their resume or CV. When we ask them to fill in a form they took the form and laugh, play, joke and not even take it seriously to answer the questions. There was this group that came and took the form and took their own sweet time to answer. And the best part is i saw them sitting nearby joking and playing among each other... HELLO... you are applying for a job le! not filling in some contest form!!!

b) There are some that come to the booth as if they are god sent to save our company. Just because you 'formerly' worked in a BIG corporation that doesnt meant that you are much greater then the people you are applying your job at! Coming here all gaya and all, telling us you work for this big company before bla bla bla yada yada yada... If you are that great how come you are still not working there??!!! and stop using big names to throw on us.

my verdict... attitude reflects your character. Imagine would i want to hire someone who dont even take things seriously and instead take your own sweet time and play around? What if i gave you an important task? die la! Arrogance... if you are so arrogant then if you would have come into our company and instead question the management and your co workers on every single thing. Teamwork will be diminished. And your ability is in doubt coz if you are really that good then how come you are applying a new job at a smaller company rather then your BIG company? maybe you are just not that good after all... Being HUMBLE gets you places. WHY? coz you want a job!

3) Alertness, well when i ask the applicant to fill in the forms, there were several very basic questions being asked. Simple and direct. Such as the name of the company, what do we do etc etc... well for one they cant even answer the first question... the name of the company!!! all just blindly apply coz they see us as a media company and 'glamour' hits their head instantly!!! Without even seeing properly or reading properly... they apply. Making them look silly. For me i think that you are not up to the task. Coz no.1 you are not alert at all! Half the answer is already on the question paper itself and yet they can ask around... sigh. My verdict... you have to be sharp and alert during this events. Read, see and think properly before you apply. Dun apply just because you see it as a glamour job...

4) Knowing your ability before you step into something... Some actually come to our booth and ask for positions such as DJ and Broadcaster when you know you cant even speak smoothly. Some is so confident they are willing to do anything... Now i know why there are so many people every year applying for american idol... Wanting to get famous! there was this guy that came straight to us and started blurting out how he wants to get a job as a speaker coz he loves to talk and talk... bursting to us telling his 'skills' and 'talent'. And when ask him to fill in the form... he have the guts to ask us... What is the name of your company? That is already a big turn off! My verdict... if you dont have such a big head, dont wear such a big hat! think before you act!

5) One of the irritating thing is alot of them never bring their resume with them. All also say can i give you the soft copy? can i send it to you? its always better to bring a hard copy of any documentation... is it that hard to bring 10-20 copy of your resume? And some are trying so hard to impress they actually attach all their certificate along with their resume! wow... thick as a book!! haha. Just the top 3 certs is good enough coz in your resume itself tells your other activities... but its ok coz its better to be safe then sorry. My verdict! always be prepared! bring hard copy documentations just incase!!!

6) Some people actually came to the booth while eating some snacks and ask if they can apply! Mamee to be exact. Bad no no again! you come here with your breath and hands smelling like dry hard noodle crackers with flavouring and filling in forms... another bad first impression. What if we hire you and we need to meet a client? I already have a bad impression on our country's immigration dept when the officer that stamps my passport is eating some oily chilli thingy and took my passport and stamp!!! my pass port can see the oil prints on the cover! That is a definate BIG NO NO!!! unprofessional!! time to eat plz go to the canteen to eat! and time to work please WORK!!! my verdict has been said!!!

Well now i know why there are so many unemployed fresh grad out there! i didnt want to admit when i read it... but with what i come through and what I noticed with my own eyes! there is a huge hole that needs to be mend and improved. I am also happy to see there are also quite a number of people with really good attitude that came and apply! Not to left them aside! just that with all the 6 problems i state above... it is what i noticed! so freshies! BUCK up or get F*CKed up!