Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goodbye my dear dear brother! R.I.P. ODIE!

You have come into my our life and injected so much love and laughter. The journey we walk together and the hardship we walk together will sorely be missed. I miss your dreamy eyes looking at us, I miss your soft caresses, I miss your silky beautiful fur, I miss it when you greet me with your cheerful look which washes away all my stress, I miss your scratching at our carpet and at our drive way, I miss the way you look at us with your drippy mouth after drinking water, I miss your morning call when you come into our room and lick us, I miss when you run out and wait for us at the door when you want for food, I miss when you play 'hand' just so that we can give you food, I miss when you run around my feet when i stomp them, I miss when you bark at us when we sit too long in the car just so that we come out, I miss when you steal our socks in our shoes and underwear! I miss you when you stand up on our dining table just to see is there any food you can steal! I miss you when you stand in front of my bathroom door coz u want water, I miss when you rush to the back door when we say cat even when there isnt any, I miss when we say 'who is that?' and u run to our door and see, I miss when you wag ur tail when we call your name, I miss it when you come near my hand so that I can scratch and rub your head behind your ear with that satisfied look on your face, I miss when you jump and take the 'plumber card' from the gate and rip it all apart, I miss when you bark at the postmen, I miss when you sit in front of us begging for soup with your puppy dog look, I miss when you run around the house checking all areas when we come back from a long vacation, I miss when you gave us your utmost loyal company when we want some, I miss it when you snarl and growl when you have something you like! I miss when you run and smell everyone's butt, I miss when you try to put ur head under anyone that is wearing skirt, I miss when you sit or lie beside us, I miss your fresh smell when you just bathe, most of all we miss your presence! We miss you our dear dear Odie! We love you! Rest In Peace and hope you are as happy as u are where ever you are now!

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Anonymous said...

How cute. How sad :(