Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What the F**K is wrong with us??!! I just don't understand the nature of all this fighting amongst ourselves! What are all the leaders doing? Fighting around like small kids. BALIK la you all! You all don't deserve to lead us! the PEOPLE are just tired of all this ruckus! I AM TIRED of all this ruckus. OUR country started off as a unified nation of multi races and now? We are still a nation but not a unified one anymore. The SHELL or the 'what we think the world sees us' as a unified nation.

We are just gonna blow up and we are just a ticking time bomb! What is with all this races bullsh*t?! I am born and bred in this country and I am one with this country! Go home? Where is home? MY HOME IS MALAYSIA and not anywhere else! What the F*ck are you leaders doing? If you wanna fight take it outside and not drag is RAKYAT in with all your bullsh*t!

I never once say that I am of a specific race, I always claim myself as a Malaysian. I speak the manglish, I eat the local food. I LOVE my Jalur Gemilang. I even have one in my car on my dashboard! I watch my local football team Selangor play! I would die for my country and no where else! I have etch the name Malaysian in my heart and mind! HOW AM I NOT MALAYSIAN ENOUGH? F*CK YOU ALL!!! I am just so so so tired of this f*cked up situation!

I want a leader to listen and speak like a professional and lead us by example and not speak like a twat and show us the dark and ugly side of you. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK YOU DIMWEED!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac
1957 - 2008

Today one is another to mourn for the world of comedy as they lost another of their shining Star. Bernard Jeffrey McCullough better known as Bernie Mac passed away from pneumonia this morning. I am truly shocked and he is one of the best stand up comedians ever. For one thing he is respected is he never uses the N word as most of other Black comedians frequently uses during their stand up routine.

Bernie you will be missed.

"I had a white guy tell me... he said, "Bern, why do black folks use the word 'mother-fucker?'" Well, I'm gonna break down what the word "mother-fucker" actually means. "Mother-fucker" is somethin' that black folks have been using for years. It's about expression. Don't be ashamed of the word "mother-fucker." Because the word "mother-fucker" is a noun: it describes a person, place, or thing!"

"There's no such thing as white-collar crime. And there's definitely no such thing as black-on-black crime. Crime is crime. Let me explain something to you. I don't care if you have a white collar or a tank top. If you rob me, I'm gonna whup your ass. "

Monday, August 4, 2008

Where is the limit?

Ever drive on our local highways and think how silly the speed limit rules are? by the way, have anyone actually follow the speed limit? Who does? and what makes your speedo meter so accurate?

I have once traveled with my dad encountered a cops saying that we have exceed the speed limit of 2 km/h. We were going 82km/h on a 80km/h zone... oh geez. Like 2 more km/h will make any difference. Moreover there have been lesser or no accident on that STRAIGHT road.

Have you even wonder where some places where the road is perfectly safe and straight have the most ridiculous speed limit, 60km/h!! and the most dangerous roads that have cliffs and bumps and curves allows you to go 90 or 110km/h??!! Kinda silly aint it. Some places they even expect you to drive at a speed limit of 25km/h! cmon! even my grandmother on bicycle goes faster then that! Who makes this rules??!! who sets this limit?

Well our country's highest speed limit is 110km/h. Thats our main highways the PLUSes, ELITEs, and many more. Then why do we actually make cars that can hit 220km/h? why dont they just tweak the cars to go only max 110km/h just like our motorbikes? Doesnt make sense aint it? If the cars are made to go max 220km/h or more that means the govt are actually in a way encouraging people to drive faster rite? If not why make cars that can go that fast? to show off?

Then what is the speed limit implemented for then? To avoid accidents? HEY!! heroes. Most road accidents are not from people that drive fast. You dont see any rich Dato with their SLKs or Harriers crash and die also. They drive at a almost unimaginable speed on the highways and still reach their destination safe and sound. Its usually those with Kancils or Saga's that bang on lorrys or lost control and crash into a ditch on... SMALL roads!! that causes the accidents. They should implement a intelligence limit on the road instead. Those who cant think and react to certain situation should not enter highways. Or those with a so called tuned-up-crap-car-thinking-that-its-a-super-high-performance-car-but- ended -up-as-a-8th-hand-1980's-normal-model-family-sedan-car- that-is-nothing-but-a-old-family-car- with -new-spoilers, skirting-and-weird-looking-crystal-lights on the road. This is the cars that should be speed limited!

Then again, they should implement driving fast on highways as a health hazard. Just like smoking. Put a sign right after the toll that says "Amaran dari Kerajaan, Memandu dengan laju merbahayakan nyawa" thats all!! If you are the dumb f**k that knows you got a crap car or a turtle like reaction dun drive so fast or else you will die! And if you drive fast and then ended up crashed and burned, its your fault for being careless. Then the cops or govt can say "We warned you but you are too dumb to listen!"

Driving fast will not only harm you but the people around you? Doesnt smoking does that too? doesnt just driving the car and releasing carbon monoxide too?

Or why not have this system where the fast lane have a min speed limit of above 100km/h only, so slow cars can you please drive on the middle lane where the max speed is 100 and min limit is 80km/h. and the slow lane is for those who drives the super long trailer that is really really slow or those that dont know the meaning of driving and enjoying the car ride. See? problem solved.

Thats what i think. But again its just me... who would listen to me??!!

Fuel price to drop?

Fuel price is dropping( HOORAY!! ) by maybe 6 sens! (WTF??!!!) Oh great like 6 sens gonna really help us so much! so practically if we calculate, its gonna be like 66sen difference from the last time! oh wow! great job in reducing. Like its gonna make any significant difference in the consumers wallet. Like what? We are gonna save RM 20 -30 per year? Oh give us a break la.

Even if the prices drop like the industry going to drop the prices. Food, products and raw materials gonna be the same price. Like they are gonna drop the price. End of the day 6 sens might be a HUGE difference in the BIG industries but to the people... its still almost the same. Its like 'Hey I am taking a huge slice of cake from you but no worries i wont take the cherries from it." What the F am I going to do with the cherry? Shove it up your A**es? Mien Gawd!

BTW why is everyone so serious? lets put a smile on everyones face!

The world is crumbling

Have you been watching the news lately? Something big and ugly is starting to creep out and most of us arent even noticing it yet. Yes we notice its minions but the big daddy of all is not out yet. We are all still in our honeymoon period. We still chill and spend and enjoy as if there is nothing wrong.

Well after reading Matthias Chang's article and reading ewoon's blog I've come to realise that there is not only a massive economy problem looming. That is just the minions. The big daddy-o is that its not only a economy recession but a massive world economy depression one that is worse than the one in 1929. YES, its a big matter! Experts are predicting a massive and I mean massive economy depression in months to come.

Scary? Its like watching a horror movie and when the background music softens down and we know the 'monster' or 'ghost' is gonna burst out but yet we are not prepared when its coming out. Well its all happening in the US but slowly and surely its gonna creep into our country and shock us when we least expect it!

What should we do? Plant vegetables? stock up our rice and can food? How long is this gonna last?

Well I guess we have to start to live like how our ancestors live. Day by day, and walk where the wind takes us. Got rice eat rice, got tapioca eat tapioca... got shit... ahhhh dammit!! shieat!!! or Perhaps we are moving back the the dark ages where we have to pillage and plunder what ever we have.

Then lets just zoom back at the current news on our front pages. Oh wait, we are still fighting among ourselves... fantastic! just great! Our leaders are still trying to fight among each others, whereas there is a bigger problem upon our doorsteps and we are not doing anything. (Are we? I hope so) Everything seems quiet now but its like the deep breath before the plunge.

So lets brace ourselves and hope that somehow we can survive this fall. And I really hope that IF we fall we will still be united to help country to stand up again.

United we stand, divided we fall.