Monday, June 30, 2008


Do you know that global warming is at its critical stage? Everyone realises it but no body is really taking any action to it. Most people think that its just the environment change. Its ok... Think about it... is it really ok? Studies states that we have reach the critical point to save ourselves.

Why I say ourselves but not the world? Coz the world will live on... not us. We pollute the world the only thing that will die is not plants or the planet... its the people. We are practically killing ourselves by deforestation and industrialisation. All this is due to greed and neediness of the human kind. Petrol prices just shot up and people are still buying cars. Some have a few houses, more than one car, more clothes then they will ever wear, more food then they will ever eat or better said more shit that you can take. Why? coz we are greedy. More money more power more greed.

The world is a better place when we are not around. The other species are not doing any much harm why? coz nature has its natural cycle of doing things. But we humans come in and start doing shits that no one expected. The rise of the global temperature raises to its highest in its history in recent years. Hence alot of 'unnatural' phenomenon such as the recent floods, droughts and of course the most obvious hurricane Katrina.

The CO2 and Carbon monoxide and many other gases that we humans produce is ruining the ecosystem, the toxic waste has taken its toll on the water system, the mass deforestation destroying our very one life support machine that produces oxygen, the mega fishing industry killing the ocean's balance and the human waste such as plastics, Styrofoams and petroleum based products polluting the world. Why? coz of mass demands of the consumers. Globalisation has its good and bad. This is the bad side of it.

It is in only in the last few decares that asthma and cancer became a global plague of our society. Walk into any class room in a school and ask who has asthma? Probably around 30% of the kids will raise their hands. Ask anyone how many friends or relatives they know have/had cancer? according to the stats one out of three people will get cancer before they die. Why? it is due to the pollution of the water we drink and the contamination of the food we eat. There are many pollution aspect that affects the air, food and water we consume. So somehow we are killing ourselves.

The society have focused so much on keeping the economy growing, earning money to get more things and gaining land and properties, thinking all this will keep them alive... they are WRONG dead wrong. Economy does make the 'human world' goes around. It also helps keep a country going on. But have we all been blinded buy money that we forgotten that the very basic of life is from this world itself? It is to be alive... we have been so disconnected from nature that we don't even know what plants is what anymore. In recent research, it stated that humans can recognise 1000 different type of worldwide corporate logos and know less than half of the name of the plants around our living area!!!

What we need to do now is to stand up and start changing our mindset. We need to start thinking certain things when we are doing . For example:

1. Do I need to buy many of this or is one good enough for me?
2. Can this thing be re-used or recycled?
3. Will I be using this stuff always or is it going to be just lying there? (if lying then why buy it??!!)
4. I need to plant more plants.
5. Think of ways to use renewable energy instead of petroleum.
6. Make the tree your friend. Why? coz it gives us oxygen, its roots holds the soil together, its absorbs water to prevent flood, its gives us shade, it provides fertilizers to the ground with its dried leaves, gives us food, gives us wood, and it helps greens the earth!

Well some may think that all this is very hard to do coz of the price to start it. Well think about it... alot of things started off expensive (besides petroleum!). Eventually all prices comes down as more and more people produce it. Our political leaders should start taking environmental issues really really seriously, instead of fighting each other for power and area. Meddling around who got rights and who don't... when there are more serious and issues at stake. Why can't everyone put aside all differences and why can't we Malaysians stand together and be as one by starting to show to the world we are united to fight the common enemy... not the terrorists... but the environmental issues and fight for the future wellbeing of mankind... think about it... our grand children will one day say... "Dammit! why didn't they do anything when they already knew the problem!!! bunch of f*ckers la they all, only know how to fight"


as in the words of Patrick Teoh... NIAMAH!!

we all gonna die liao still wanna fight among ourselves!

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Just like the Linkin Park video I set below
" What I've done, I'll face myself, to cross out what I've become, to erase myself, and let go of what I've done"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Price Hike?

As I started receiving sms-es after sms-es just moments ago saying that petrol will hike 80 sen by mid night today. All I can say is "WHAT THE F#CK???!!!". Although we expected that petrol price will hike but 80 sen? How can a normal person earning normal money paying this extravagant prices?

Why am I so pissed and frustrated?! Well as we know the public transport system in Malaysia especially the Klang Valley are sad to say CRAP! I can see some slight improvement but thats about it. The timing still sucks. Maintenance still sucks. The bus is smelly and dusty AND sometimes it smells like exhaust are pumping out of the buses air conditioning system instead of nice clean air. That is why we still prefer to take our own transport to certain places.

Why some country can do it and not us? It is because their country's transportation is organised or the country is cold! Take the UK for example. The subway is so darn complicated but it helps to commute their commuters to places with ease. Our country's weather is for one a killer. Walking one short distance under the sun is enough to wet a shirt.

Why am I still so pissed and frustrated?! Well, well, well, all the other product's price will hike up too. Already the inflation in the Klang Valley is so bad. Having a normal bowl of noodles in a coffee shop at the heart of KL cost me a hefty RM 6. A cup of kopi-o small cost me RM1.20!!! Even a cup of warm water cost 60 sens! So imagine when the petrol price hikes up??!! A bowl of noodles will cost how much?? RM7??! a cup of teh tarik cost how much? RM 2??? so have now all normal mamak stalls, kopi tiams or hawker centers became cafe's or coffee houses?

What are we going to face now? I think I am going to start riding my bicycle or perhaps take a motorbike license. Lining up in the petrol stations to pump petrols??? what for??! how much can we save? When will this madness end? sigh... gotta go... time to take a walk. long walk! All I can say is no matter how life will go on. Just that life will go on slightly harder for those earning peanuts for a living in a city of jewels.