Friday, July 25, 2008

Aren't we all just tired

So many mayhem and ruckus of the Government! What is going on here? a massive political mind games going on? Each of them blowing sucker punches to one another. For all I can say is, somehow the PEOPLE are tired of this. We ask for change of management in the Government but not change of peace and harmony to massive boxing match!

As there are so many more important things to deal with! Are we just a bunch of grown up corporate political KIDS?! Its like a game of police and thief! I tag you and now its your turn to tag me back! or perhaps just a bunch of kids get caught in a massive cat fight! Just look at the Dewan Rakyat meeting! Throwing words to each other like a bunch of sissy kids trash talking one another! I still remember I set foot at this very own Dewan Rakyat back in 2001 as a form 6 student trying to learn the political system of our very own beloved country. Honestly, I was kinda shocked at how our very own political leaders talk in the Dewan. We as a student are actually laughing at their antics. The trash talking of utter nonsense like "Apa bodoh bodoh? Ambil balik!" and followed by a few other supporters blurting out "bodoh la kamu..." Throwing this kind of words among each other. Secondary school society meeting looks more professional and matured than this!

Just look at the media and press. The 'tai-chi-ing' of responsibilities and the word war to one and other just sickens me. I for one rather read the sports section. At least my beloved football team, Selangor FC is doing some good. If I want some comic relief I now got two sections I can read. The COMIC section and if I am really adventurous I shall try to venture into the first few pages of national news.

One for the rakyat? This is not for the rakyat anymore ain't it? It is more of trying to gain more power and trying to sustain the power. Which is the real story already confuses the rakyat. All we want is just a PEACEFUL and HARMONIOUS life. We want to get on with our own life challenges and not be disrupted by all this.

For once let us be more professional and mature and deal with the issues at hand the correct and more appropriate way. There is one Cantonese saying my dad use to remind me every time

"Yhong yat pou, hoi fut theen hung,
Yan yat si, fung pheng wong cheng"

it directly translated as ,
"Move back a step, the sky is clear
Be patience and tolerate, there will be peace and quiet"

I've been living with this saying for most of my life and therefore I barely get into trouble with my OWN FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Ain't we all Malaysians family and friends? brothers and sisters? so why fight each other? why cant we build and love this family that we have fought so hard to have in 1957? In the words of my generation "CHILL LA WEI BRADER!!"

Here are the 7 things we need to learn and live by it...

1. Instead of being fault-finding, be grateful/ thankful

2. Instead of being grudging/ jealous, be appreciative

3. Instead of being calculative, be forgiving

4. Instead of being selfish, be generous

5. Instead of being self-defeating, be proactive

6. Instead of being critical, admire and appreciate

7. Instead of being impulsive, be patient

8. Instead of procrastinating, be optimistic

Well there is all I have to say for now. I really hope that this message can be reached to all my brothers and sisters in this country.

"Malaysia, on the other hand, is a diverse and complex country that wants to be modern. It needs to be governed like one." Michael Backman (Read his column here)

"It depresses me that Malaysia hasn't been more successful that it has and that it is still fighting the old fights of the 1960s" Michael Backman

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My ever favourite stand up comedian George Carlin... may you rest in peace. I am sure you are now up in heaven and most probably having a cup of tea with jesus and looking down at us saying "Look at those f*ckers crying for me... I didnt know I touch all this people!"

May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008
May you rest in peace...

I dread the deaths of certain super-celebrities. Not because I care about them, but because of all the shit I have to endure on television when one of them dies. All those tributes and retrospectives. And the bigger the personality, the worse it is.

George Carlin

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