Sunday, November 2, 2008

US Dollar going to collapse?

Recently I have read an article from Hal Turner, host of one of the most controversial radio show in New York, USA until it was shut down under pressure for its contents. Well now he has came up with a blog where you can read here. He recently wrote a spine chilling information about the US dollar.

I would like to quote from ewoon's blog

"He is, if you like, the equivalent of our Matthias Chang who is no bigot unlike Hal himself. The only probable common trait both share is their passion for deciphering future events that are overwhelmingly negative and life-affecting. And for their honest efforts both have similarly suffered the reputation of being often called “mad man and harbinger of bad news.”

It is believed in speculation that the North American region has came up to something that can protect the country by adopting what Euro is doing by creating a new currency called the Amero (as seen in the picture above). This is to replace the US dollar IF it collapses. Do not think that the event that is about to happen to the US Dollar will not only us. The world's economy is running with it. When one goes down... a chain reaction of things will happen. We will be affected! Being ignorant means killing ourselves. This might or might not be true but the chilling fact behind the article posted by Hal send shivers to my spine. The fact that what followed after the collapse starts to look like the movie Doomsday or V for Vendetta.

Gonna take a quote from Hal's article of this

"When this collapse happens because the government is totally broke, the welfare checks will stop. Almost immediately thereafter, civil unrest will erupt and we know who will be doing that. . . . don't we? Now you know why Barak Obama is being pushed so hard for President. The powers-that-be know what's coming and they want a black man in the White House with the hope he can control "his" people. It won't work. They'll just call him an Uncle Tom or an OREO cookie and then go on their merry way to rape, rob, pillage, burn and kill. In fact, to prove I'm right about the Obama situation, check out what VP candidate Senator Joe Biden said this past weekend. Biden 'guaranteed" that Barak Obama "will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in power and he will need supporters to stand by him as he makes tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions." Telling us all that we're going to lose 90% of the value of our life savings sure will be unpopular. I wonder if the Secret Service agents who lose their life savings too, will bother protecting Obama from assassination; or might they kill him themselves? After all, the Zapruder film proves the secret service agent driving John F. Kennedy in Dallas, turned around and shot him in the head. That's why his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, tried climbing out of the back of the limo after it happened! She saw who shot her husband. It happened once, it can happen again!"

So what is exactly gonna happen? god knows! Are we gonna listen to this paranoid white supremacist? or are we going to ignore everything? All I know is that we are going to see many interesting things happening in months to come. 2009 wont be a smooth one...