Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Almost one year!

Its almost a year since we made a 'change' and yeah we do have a change in our country! The most significant change is... more drama on the front pages of the main news papers regarding who is crossing over, politicians rant and rambling, and of course the price of petrol!

Well I can say that there are so many things far more important than joining the darkside or the lightside or whoever! I always believe the definition of being a politician is skewed so badly that politicians do not know the true meaning anymore. Is it for the people's interest? or is it for your party's interest? or is it for your clique's interest? or is it for your OWN interest?

The recent breakdown of the Perak's government is showing that not everyone is really that good. There are so many issues that happened in the past one year which sounds sometimes confusing. For example, the passing over of power or the taking over or the blunders or the racial remarks. All this create more unrest amongst the 'rakyat'.

Like I said in the past articles that what we the 'rakyat' wants is peace and harmony, better career opportunities, good food, and prosperous life!

We as Malaysians should count our blessings instead! why? because for one is we do not have massive natural disaster like other countries. No earthquakes, no volcanoes, no hurricane and no bad drought! Our weather is almost perfect! (cooler would be better!). We are a food heaven! and we love our country!

So why are we still having this kind of contest of who have more power? There is no a battle between good or evil here! So why cant we have a nice quiet and peaceful life?! Why cant we all live in harmony? why do we still recognize race? Why do we still fight amongst ourselves when we are all just brothers and sisters?

One year and yet we never change... honestly...