Sunday, June 7, 2009

Work work work...

I am pretty sure that everyone will face this sometime in their career or whole of their career. The feeling that you are not being looked after by the management or organisation. I have to say that due to circumstances they have hundred and one excuses and perhaps the almost perfect tai chi skills.

Well this is what I am facing now. I love my job and the people in it.... but not the management. Its just too complicated and too much politicking. There are too many factions in the company that sometimes you dont know who is friend or who is the foe. I talked to the HR dept and they say that this is normal. NORMAL?!!! I would really say what the fuck?! There should not even be any politicking or mismanagement! they can even add one more line... "I've seen worse politics" ... my reply.... WOW! this world is full of crap! How in the hell did they get up there in the first place?! The style of the company I'm in is exactly like our own country. No body likes the management but they are still there! Due to... POLITICS! boot shining, ass licking and best of all cock sucking! Spits or swallow anyone? want me to cradle your balls?

Sometimes I wonder for some people the higher they get the smaller their balls get. Really, they are so scared of the position they start to get paranoid about almost everything! In front they may seem like a wise and tough prick but behind they are panicking and sometimes their action started to show when ever there is a threat within. Using things so unruly and so horrendous that you actually think about their credibility. The paranoia and the fear of being replaced. If you are good enough then you dont have worry about anything. If you dont have shit on you then you dont have to be paranoid.

So I've come out with the best way on how to manage your own company when the time comes. I am not saying my way is the perfect 100% way but its what i think will at least help the people.

1. Keep your promises! Do not give any promises when you cant uphold them! Everyone will respect a man/woman of his/her words. Even when things doesnt really goes well. At least provide some reason or explanation rather then lame excuses or blame it to some other people. That is just a cowards move.

2. Listen to the plight of the workers. AT LEAST listen and consider. Some management dont even bother to listen to the grievances of their workers, thinking that their decision or judgement on certain topic is god given. Always remember you are not god. Listen to the people and the company will prosper. WHY? coz your workers are the front line, they are your blood in the body, the pumping heart, the organs that makes the whole body (company) works as one. They are the one fighting for you on the battlefield. Listen and response is the most important. Some workers might actually have a problem that caused the drop in performance and with your 'wisdom and experience' help the worker to solve the problem instead of threatening them on their performance, threatening will only make the worker more demotivated and thus a further drop in performance. A great company solves problems instead of using another problem to cover one problem.

3. Share your vision and dreams. Always let your workers know what is your vision and dream. Of course it have to be a credible and attainable dream instead of just a dream u had... Letting your people know what exactly you want will at least gel everyone's mind into one target. While sharing also make sure there is a solution and system on how to do it. Open the floor and ask everyone what do they think. Brainstorm and see what is the outcome. Coz why? the workers have their rights to voice out. Not all great minds come from someone of power. Take Lord of the Rings for example, there are so many powerful creatures, Men, Orcs, Elves, undead and the dwarfs. But the fate of middle earth lies in the hand of the most insignificant creature... the Hobbits! so everyone have their rights to speak their mind. A good organisation works, a greater organisation listens and works!

4. Find a solution. If you cant think of one, then its no shame to ask around. Every problem should not be ignored. As what i mentioned in no.2 a company solves problems instead of using one more problem to cover. This is the sign of a weak leadership or management. If you are all that great, then the problem wouldnt even exist in the first place. Its no shame in asking. That is what a team or organisation does... help each other. We are like a cohesive unit. A working system... helping one another to create perfection. Solving a problem will at least make sure when a new problems arises you dont have to worry about the old ones.

5. There is no I in TEAM. If you want to emphasise on 'team' or on 'family' then do not misuse your power and authority. I always belive that position is just a name. No matter who you are we are all equals but with different responsibilities. Humans are not perfect. We are made like that. But to achieve near perfection we need each others strength combined. So even if you are the boss or the worker we are in reliance to each other. Yes we can do each others work sometimes but the reason we have people in diff post and department is because we have designated duties and responsibilities. So if you are the manager, organise and lead your people. If you are the CEO, organise and lead your people, if you are the tea lady then make sure when people needs a drink... make them one. Work as a unit and a company can prosper! Do what you have to do, if cant ask for advice and help.

6. Be transparent! That is the most important issue in the age of information. Why? the workers knows what is going on sometimes. But hiding issues from them will create a sense of uneasiness or perhaps a sense of something bad is going to happen.

That is all I can think of at the moment. On the point-view from a lowly worker of a company this is what I can read and see.....for a organisation to be successful.