Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 Malaysia

1Malaysia! 1Malaysia! 1Malaysia! ... the first question... What does 1Malaysia means? 1Malaysia means that everyone are united as ONE and move forward as ONE towards ONE goal. 1Malaysia means we are all ONE not only as a race but as a human being. 1Malaysia is where we Malaysia stand together putting aside all differences and move forward towards being one of the most top nation..... but are we there? is it working??

Lets just do a SWOT analysis of our beloved nation. What is SWOT analysis? SWOT analysis means analyze the S.trength, W.eakness, O.pportunity and T.hreat of a certain thing. So lets get back to the analysis.

Strength - our country are blessed with so many natural resources and we are blessed that we dont have really really bad natural disaster such as hurricane, earthquake or volcano. The peninsula itself is very much safe in its nest which comprises of Sumatera of Indonesia, and of course the Phillipines islands. This two nation blocks the wind from wrecking us. Malaysia lies just nice in the middle of the plate where we are safe from earthquake and volcano. One more thing is that Malaysia is also rich in culture, we are so diversified that we can really claim that we are all of asia into one. Singapore can claim that too but have you tasted their food??!!! Malaysian is so blessed with good food. Honestly you can never find another country so diversed in food that really really sparks our taste buds. We Malaysians are also blessed with communication skills. We are well marinated with cultures that if we are a meat it will taste damn bloody good.

Weakness - It is with this diversity the people start to diffenciate themselves. Condemming each other and fighting amongst brothers. The leaders of the nation and the houses (parents, grandparents) potrays this in their comments. On the front they present the unity case but off the record they are one of the most racist people. And sometimes their comments just not only cause disharmony but cause cracks between races or groups. One more weakness is that we are all to obsessed with power that everyone is killing each other just to get on top or just to... 'cover' their crimes...

Opportunity - Our country have many oppportunities coming our way. Alot of leaders from other nation sometimes envy our diversity and how we can live together. It is that diverse crowd that makes the nations citizen so well sought off. We are blessed with the power of adapting and knowledge. We can actually be a country that is so rich in knowledge and so rich in culture. Other countries can just sit and watch us in envy.

Threat - All of our good leaders as the ones I said in the Opportunity segment is being dig by other countries or moved to other country. Giving all our best talents, skills and knowledge to other nations. This could be because of the problems that we are facing within the country. Leaders are too greedy, systems that is not well planned, cronyism, power crazy and corruption that cause all this people to seek better and more fair opportunity else where. Places where race or cronyism is not practiced. Places where skills are acknowledged and not the skin tone.

So what is 1Malaysia again? its just a dream. Every Malaysian dreams of being one BUT not applying it to their daily life. I also realised those 'uncles' , 'ah peks' and 'pakciks' sitting at the coffee shops or mamak stalls. Have you listened to their conversation ar?! some condemn the country so bad. They condemn about the education system la, the government la, the shopping centers la and almost everything the sun shines on. Sometimes I just want to say... if you hate the country so much... LEAVE! or... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! not complaining to another USELESS uncle that also WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If we all want to practice the 1Malaysia campaign we should first abolish one thing.... RACE! What my cousin told me that day really hit the mark perfectly... "Chinese is people from China, Indians is people from India... you dont see Taiwan people call themselves Chinese! they call themselves Taiwanese.... So we all in Malaysia should be called Malaysians!". What he said is true! we are born and bred here, we live here, we eat the food here and we pledge to the national flag and crest. Are we all not Malaysians? we speak the same language. If you look closely our culture are actually intermingled! there is no more pure chinese style, pure malay style or pure indian style! The things Chinese do here and other place is different. The things Malay do some are taken from Chinese and Indians and some even from the British and Portugese. Indians also! Somehow our culture have rub off each other. Try asking the Malays here to go live in Indonesia... they wont be comfortable, try asking a chinese fella to go live in China... they cannot really live there too... try asking a Indian fella to go to Sri Lanka or India... they cant.... for long! There is no place like home! and in Malaysia is MY home!

I bleed Malaysia, I have Malaysia etched in my heart, I have Malaysia saved all over my brain!



If you want change, First you have to change yourself!

It is not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country!