Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Alot of older people are asking "how come the new generation workers keep on changing job? Why cant they be loyal to their employers like us? " Well I think I have found out why? Well during the 70s and the 80s our country are growing rapidly. There are many small or medium companies owned solely by one or two person. This bosses are brought up by the old school asian businessman style where they take care of the welfare of their workers. They may be fierce but they know how to treat their workers right. Put it in simple terms, they show appreciation and loyalty to their workers. But not now, all this company have grew up to be big corporations and the western way of employment where you are the worker and we pay you only style comes in. Too many people tend to take power and the hierachy becomes complicated. With this the workers dont know whether to be loyal to who. Their immediate manager? or their boss that never even know them at all?

This is the reason why... the younger generation also been influenced by the western way of thinking where performance and numbers are the main topic. Without even seeing the real scenario anymore. The bosses never come down and get on the field with their workers anymore. The feel of family is not there anymore just the feel of boss and worker, master and slave. No wonder there isnt any loyalty anymore!

I as a young worker, speaks on behalf!!! "all we want is some appreciation and some acknowledgement in our work! " if we do wrong... teach us and not strangle us and threaten to fire us! that is not family... and that is not loyalty!!!

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